Sunday, August 16, 2009

R Family Reunion 2009

I can't tell you when the first one was... but they've been going on for a while.

There were barely any people there, at least compared to the huge crowd we used to have when I was younger. Back then (I can say that now because I'm 23...) we used to have the reunion at a park. A huge park with a petting zoo, and paddle boats, and enough swings for all of us. We took turns sliding down the various slides, one even housed a wasp nest and I was stung on my pinkie finger. I don't remember eating, but I remember the long table full of food. And I remember sneaking a soda out of the cooler to share with some cousins.

But this year we still had lots of food, and Grandma still brought old pictures of Grandpa, Aunt Emily, Uncle Paul, Uncle Bob, and their families. (I think I got the names right) And cousin Sara told Grandma that she used to look hot. I believe her response was "I was hot?"

Grandma didn't know I was coming. I had driven 4 hours to my cousin Lauren's house the day before, then we drove the hour together to the reunion the next day. When she saw me she teared up. (And I did too, but no one saw me) I need to visit her more, but I'm not sure I could make the 6 hour trip by myself. 4 hours was just long enough for me.

The pictures I got were all blurry, but rest assured that a good time was had by all. And we went home with our bellies full. I even scored a plant from my sweet Uncle Jose who has a flower business - he grows them all himself. I love walking around their farm to look at all the plants. And the 20 barn kitties following you around looking for attention don't hurt either. : )

I hope I can make it again next year. It's nice to see everyone.


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