Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tiger Football

It's that time of year again. Or I am almost 3 weeks behind. But anyway.

It's time for Tiger football at The Zou.

The first game of the season, on Sept. 5th, was in St. Louis vs University of Illinois. The Illini were favored, and I was worried that this game would be prove we lost our mojo. We beat them 37-9. I knew we still had it in us. Those new boys were trained by the best, and the returning players remembered their stuff. The win really excited me for the season.

Game 2. Sept. 12 vs Bowling Green. Who? Exactly. We had an easy game ahead, a guaranteed win. Or not. Let's just say it was kinda scary. They didn't wake up until the end of the third quarter. We squeaked by and won 27-20.

That brings us to today. We play Furman. Not sure where they come from either. Let's hope today's game goes more smoothly and we pull out a huge win. We need to prove ourselves, and that huge Thursday night Nebraska game is looming.

So wear gold, be responsible, arrive early/stay late, celebrate our traditions, and respect the game.



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  1. haha number 77 looks like a weeble wobble in action


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