Monday, November 16, 2009

San Diego Mini-Vacation

Ah, back to regularly scheduled programming, er, posting.

First post on the agenda, my mini-vacation to sunny San Diego, California.

I took a 'business' trip with my Dad so I could see what the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) convention was all about. I work for a marketing department right now, and I am taking a marketing class this semester. I am interested in taking a job within a marketing environment, so I wanted to check it out. Plus, who doesn't want to visit California in October?

Here are a few... okay, a lot of photos. And they were taken with my iPhone, so some of them aren't the best quality.

Elliott didn't want me to leave. He snuggled in to my lap right before I had to leave.

I had a layover in Dallas, where I met up with my Mom and Dad for lunch. We went to Hard Eight BBQ - I got ham, turkey, smoked corn, coleslaw, and apple cobbler- it was all delicious. Then Dad and I hopped on our plane and flew together to San Diego.

This chandelier was in one of the lobbies of our hotel.

We went to the Pier Cafe for dinner on night one. It was also really gloomy, and slightly misty. I had fish and chips and tried some crab cake, too.

On morning one we walked down the bay front. There was some mini-festival and I got to hold some parrots! The big one was pretty heavy.

This is a view of the Midway, the aircraft carrier museum. As well as the creepy guy on the rocks who was just hanging out there - not fishing or anything...

I got gelato in Little Italy, which was really little. And the gelato was sub-par.

There was also a Dick Blick store! For those who don't know, it's all art supplies. Like a department store full of art supplies. Heaven.

This was on the bridge to Coronado, a mini-boat parking lot.

My view at lunch. Sunshine and palms.

The beach!

Hotel del Coronado, built in 1888.

The Dole boat docked right by our hotel. It was 8 semi trailers long, 4 tall, and 4 wide. HUGE!

The view from our hotel room on the 24th floor.

The view looking the other direction.

Sunset from the pool deck during the exclusive party.

And last, but not least, the Gaslamp District. And our hotel in the background - the Hilton Bayfront. We spent a lot of time walking around here, and visited some restaurants and bars.

I had a great time, lots of fun with my Dad, and I learned that salesmen could care less about you if you aren't going to buy anything from them. : ) I had fun checking everything out, though.

It was a break I needed to refresh my mind for the rest of the semester. And at this point I only have 2 weeks of classes left. Ever. Wow.


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