Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Is it too early to start spring cleaning? Cause I really have the bug. Actually, I have the organizing bug. Probably doesn't help that there are 2 people and a cat sharing a 12x12 room. Which is why organizing is even more important! 

I have clothes that don't fit, or that I don't wear anymore, just hanging out in my closet. I've already given 2 bags to goodwill. Hopefully this weekend I can literally take everything out of the closet and only put the essentials back in. I mean, for god sakes, I have a broken printer that I have been lugging around for 4 years... just in case/because my Dad said it could be fixed. 

I've gathered some paper boxes at work to take home to help with the organizing. If I'm not to embarrassed, maybe I'll post a before and after shot... 



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