Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Funday

It's Friday. It's sunny. It's 40 degrees. Mmmm.

I am meeting up with my sister in a few minutes to grab some coffee. And we are going to get dinner tonight, too.

My first week of work has been great! I love the people and what I'll be working on. I brought in donuts today to thank everyone for being so nice and welcoming to me. They were a hit. I am continuing to decorate my little cubbie, so I'll post pictures again as it evolves. I am going to pull out my box of books this weekend and see what I can bring in. (They have been in the closet since I moved because I never found a bookshelf I liked enough to buy. Maybe I can convince my dad to work on one for me.)

I am going to do some shopping this weekend. After trying to come up enough outfits for one week, I realized that I probably shouldn't wear the same 5 outfits every week. : ) I have enough shirts to wear, just not enough sweaters to wear over them. I used to wear a cute zip hoodie... that doesn't work anymore! We'll see what I can find. I also need a pair of brown flats, desperately.

The sunshine and warmth are going to continue for at least the next 7 days! I hope it keeps on going! Can you believe it's almost March already?!?


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