Monday, February 22, 2010

My New Cubbie!

I have reached the end of the day at my brand-spankin'-new big-girl job! It was a pretty slow day... I just met a whole bunch of people and signed some paper work, and decorated my huge cubicle. I took a couple pictures with my phone, so I'm sorry they are a little blurry.

J made me these paper flowers and put them in a darling little Pyrex beaker. And she got me some chocolate! I think I could make myself at home here. : )

Here is my cubicle. It has the windows at the top that let in some natural light from the offices with the windows.

I have two sets of drawers, the set in the picture above are file drawers, and the set in the picture below are two smaller drawers and one file drawer.

I have already stocked my drawers with supplies they loaded me up with - extra sticky notes, pens, markers... everything. I guess they had an ergonomics guy come in recently and so they are getting new/better chairs soon. The binder on the left hand side of my computer is my first project. I am supposed to design a logo for a new program that is being developed.

I'll be sure to post more pictures as my desk evolves. I have a poster I am going to bring in to spruce up the wall that I didn't take a picture of. It has a pretty big screw hole at about eye level, haha.

Still not sure what dress is expected. Two girls in the office were wearing jeans today, the other two were in black pants... I'll dress up again tomorrow, then maybe ask about it if the jeans girls are wearing jeans again. My feet hurt from the heels I wore today, but I did A LOT more walking than I will usually.

Everyone is super nice and are so excited that I am here. They are having a birthday party for my boss tomorrow, so another fun couple of hours planned.

More soon!


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