Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alice & then some

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I saw a link for Alice.com a while back, clicked on it, and checked it out. Seemed like a pretty good deal, but I had just loaded up on paper towels and toilet paper, so I only explored a little bit.

I placed my first order today, and I saved almost $20...

Here's a brief description of how Alice works: after signing up for free, you can browse the products and add the brands and things you prefer to your 'shelves'. You can plan out how often you need/want an item and, if you choose, they will e-mail you reminding you to order your products. Oh, and SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE!

By the way, I am not being paid in any way to promote Alice. I just thought it was a good form of savings and convenience and needed to pass it on!

Today when I went to check out what was on sale, I logged in and went to the "My Coupons" tab. It showed me the items on my shelf that had coupons or were on sale. It tells you the dollar amount, the percent off, and when it expires. They also have an iPhone app, so I am going to try to remember to check in on my coupons and deals every couple of days.

I purchased 9 items and all but one had a coupon/were on sale! And they will be delivered to my door step in 2-3 business days. Amazing. Now when I go to the store my cart won't fill up with huge packages of kleenex and toilet paper leaving no room for my milk and bread.

I'll let you know if I am still satisfied after I receive my order. : )

On another note, I am going to the chiropractor for the first time tomorrow. I am excited. My back has been sore off and on for as long as I can remember, and hopefully it will help with my carpal tunnel and tendinitis, too. I know my posture isn't the best, and I am trying to be more aware of it.

I am going to make a trip to the antique store this weekend. I always enjoy walking around and checking things out. And Steven is going to be busy with a tournament. It is forecasted to rain again this weekend... where is the spring sun?!


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