Tuesday, March 30, 2010

changes + notes from today

 {elliott snuggled in/testing the extra-large photo option!}

As you can obviously see, I am beginning to make some changes to the good ole blog. Hopefully the spectacularly awesome new design will be complete by the end of the weekend. I am a little bias. : )

Once I get that done I can refocus on that other surprise I've got cookin'!

We had some excitement today at work...  At about 11 this morning it started to smell - yucky. After some investigation we discovered they were doing work on the sewer system and the grates were spewing white smoke. And it smelled like really strong chemicals. The air intake vent for the building was very close to this grate - so the smell was basically getting sent all over the building through the air vents. We sent the pregnant co-worker home ASAP, and then decided it wasn't safe for any of us. So I did a my work-work, then a little blog-work, and now I need to do a little house-work. Then I need to spend some time in this yummy spring weather. 75 degrees? Yes, please.

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