Sunday, March 14, 2010


{Elliott one morning, laying on my outfit for the day - which can not be seen}

It's been a while since I devoted a whole post to Elliott. But he has been such a trooper this past week with two separate visits to one vet or another, I thought you all might want an update.

On Monday he went to his regular vet for his rabies shot - I opted for the 3 year version, which is only double the price as the 1 year... anyway... and the distemper shot. I think I mentioned he weighs 12.5 pounds and his ears and teeth are very clean. I was a proud mama, I check his ears for dirt regularly, have him on teeth cleaning treats, and even wipe away eye-gooks and boogers. And they tried to tell me he was over-weight, but they determined he's not. : )

Then yesterday we took him to the Central Missouri Humane Society for their Low Cost Clinic day. He got his nails cut and they micro-chipped him. He behaved wonderfully, and everyone told us he was a handsome kitty.

He is still very playful, and wakes us up before our alarm goes off on most days. He loves playing with his laser - we use it to wear him out before bed time. He has a couple of other favorite toys, too. He loves his healthy teeth treats. I just have to say "Elliott, you want some treats?!" and he replies with a meow and I follow him to the laundry room. He jumps up on the washer and waits for them. He also loves turkey. 'Treats' and 'Turkey' are the only words he really responds to. He'll look at you if you say his name, but won't come running.

Elliott has developed many nic-names. Ell-Bell (which Steven deems too feminine), Ell-Bug, Ell-der-Bug (like box elder bugs...), Ell-Smell (there was a period of time his breath just stunk), Ell-Dorado, Trouble, and Bat Boy (when his fangs hang out).

{Elliott laying on my lap/computer/hand}

He still loves to snuggle on my lap, or my chest, or even my back if I am laying on my tummy. He'll sleep just about anywhere, but he likes to lay on blankets, clothes, paper, cardboard, or anything else possible.

We are considering getting Elliott a brother... we're thinking that he is lonely in the mornings which is why he feels it necessary to wake us at 5:30am on a Saturday. He does sleep all day while we are at work, and cats are mostly nocturnal - and we're not staying up all night to play.  I'm hesitant because I adore his little personality and am afraid he won't snuggle as much if he has a little brother to annoy. But then again, sleeping till my alarm goes off, or the sun comes up, would be lovely. And yes we are set on a brother because we like boy cat personalities better than girl cats. When and if we ever get a dog - it will be a girl, for more than 1 reason. : )

I hope you enjoyed the update on our little Ell-Bug. We just love him to pieces.


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