Thursday, March 11, 2010

Go Forth & Create.

I have a whole list of things I wish I could make. First I need my office/craft room so I can spread out... then I need money (and or good deals/sales) so I can buy all the materials that I need.

{image via Design*Sponge}

Here are some items on my to-do list... which projects do you want to take on?

Create your own flats. I have been searching high and low for cute brown flats - all the brown pairs seem to be rather unattractive. Here is my solution!

Spruce up an old dresser.  My parents are going to bring my dresser to me in May, and it needs a new finish. I'll probably stick with a cream color and some distressing. My other dresser is cream, and I want them to coordinate, not match or clash.

Make your own pillow cases. I am planning on making shams to make the quilt I plan on making. This will be a good guide when the time comes.

Decorate with a ruffle wreath. I think this is just darling! And I may or may not have a thing for wreaths...

Or maybe a simple burlap wreath. This is a cute one, too. How many places can you hang a wreath?

Sew your own camera strap cover. I have been eying all the models on Etsy, but if I make my own I can pick the fabrics I want! I'm sure I'll save some dollars too.
Air fresheners to make your car/closet/drawer smell yummy. I think this is cute, and who doesn't need a calming lavender aroma after a long day?

Fabric flowers, to make fabric flower garland. Aerie has adorable fabric flower garlands hanging in their stores this spring, my sister and I actually contemplated ripping them from the ceiling and running out as fast as we could! But now I can just make my own and not become a felon.

Bed skirt? No way. Upholster your box spring.  This idea is genius. If you hate frilly bed skirts, or don't have bedding long enough to cover up the ugly box spring, try this. Especially great for the children's bed in the example... toys can't get lost in the under-the-bed cave!

Damp-grass proof picnic blanket. Some of my co-workers we're just talking about picnicking for lunch. There are patio tables near by, but getting one on a nice day is next to impossible. I should make one of these to protect us from the mud.

If you do any of these projects, or have done any of these projects, leave a comment with a link. I would love to see your creations! I'll hopefully get around to a couple of these sooner than later, and I'll be sure to post them.


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