Monday, March 1, 2010

Meal Planning: Week 5

(not related to the post at all... just my new mug and sketch book)

Happy March! I am SO glad it's here. The weather should be getting warmer, right? I'm ready for that!

Since Steven is going to be in town all week (yay!!), I needed a full schedule of 4 meals. We'll still go out to eat one night, and we can do leftovers 2 nights. I decided to try to find a whole week's worth of crockpot recipes, but I bailed so I could put in a couple things we had been wanting for a while.

Monday: Out to Chili's (3 for $20 deal! / I didn't shop yesterday)
Tuesday: Cranberry Roast w/ rice (found here)
Wednesday: Pumpkin Pancakes w/ sausage
Thursday: Chicken & Noodles (family recipe, revised to make it crockpot ready)
Friday: Fish filets w/ salad
Saturday: leftovers or freezer/pantry items

I'll let you know how it goes with the Cranberry Roast, that's the only new recipe I am trying, and it looks delicious in the photo. I'll let you know if I make any modifications to it, as usual. I'm serving it with rice instead of mashed potatoes simply because of the time it takes to make the potatoes vs the rice...

Anywho, week number two at work is underway and it's still going well! I'm slowly adding more decoration to my cubbie. : )

POST EDIT to add that Chili's has done away with the 3 for $20, and their honey bbq sauce... at least their chips and salsa are still good.


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