Sunday, March 7, 2010

Meal Planning: Week 6 + notes

I am still coming up with new things to make for dinner! This week will keep in the kitchen a little longer, but I'm okay with that.

baked chicken w/ broccoli & mashed potatoes 
pizzas w/ salad
veggie & sausage pasta w/ garlic bread
taco empanadas w/ refried beans & salad

I don't have the order set yet, just whatever we feel like that night. We aren't going to eat out this week, just decided we wanted to relax this week.

Elliott is going to the vet tomorrow, he needs his rabies shot. He loves riding in the car and doesn't mind his crate, so it should go smoothly! This coming weekend the humane society is providing services for a discount and I am going to take him to get his nails trimmed and to get a microchip, that trip might be more challenging - more animals around.

I got some of the back hall/craft closet cleaned out! I had an annoying headache yesterday so I stopped to take a nap and then to get a vanilla dr. pepper from sonic (as my twitter followers already know...) I'll finish it up next weekend so I can actually get to some sewing!

Hope your weekends were spectacular! The weather certainly helped make mine!


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