Friday, March 26, 2010

must haves

Okay, not haves, just really, really wants.

I love this flower necklace. I need this because I am always afraid to buy colored accessories because I don't know what they will match with. My problems would be solved with this - it has any color I would possibly wear.

How cool are these stainless steel straws? Although, I have a slight straw biting habit... they are really pretty.

And I have a thing for giraffes, so of course I think this tee from Threadless is adorable.

I don't know exactly what I would do with this Japanese masking tape, but the colors are spectacular. I should probably find a reason to buy some, I particularly love the 4 blue/green colors at the end...

I pretty much want everything from this Etsy shop. I have already thought of plenty of ways I could use these buttons... I am waiting to purchase until I move and have my fantastic office/study/craft/sewing room. Then I can display them in a cute little jar on a shelf. And of course use them, too.

I have plans to visit the antique store this weekend, and unfortunately the mall... I hate the mall.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Friday!


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