Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photography 101

{photo credit: sheye rosemeyer}

The last photography class I took was almost 8 years ago... needless to say I have sort of forgotten the difference between f-stop and aperture and ISO. I started reading the manual, but I needed more interesting information... I found an app for my iPhone called dSLR Toolkit for Dummies. It has some useful information, but didn't have all the answers.

Well, I came across this little gem of a blog post the other day. I can't recall where I originally found the link, but hopefully they'll forgive me. I read through most of it, but my camera wasn't in front of me at the time.

I know over time I will be able to work my camera like it is part of my own body, it will just take a little practice. I'm glad it is getting warmer, I really want to take my camera out and get some real use out of it. I have about a trillion photos of Elliott sleeping, looking at birds, or playing with toys.

I'm going to do my studying, take some notes, and get some practice. I'll post my photos along the way!


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