Saturday, March 20, 2010


I've had a really productive day, so far. After a horrible night of sleep (partly thanks to a certain kitty), Steven let me sleep in till 10:30. After waking up and eating breakfast, I set off cleaning. I did mostly organizing and putting piles away. I had a "needs to go upstairs pile" "needs to be sorted pile" "I don't know what this is... pile" just sitting around. I still need to vacuum and clean the other floors, but I had to leave something for tomorrow...

Then I made a batch of homemade cookies. Turns out I didn't have enough chocolate chips, but I found some peanut butter chips. They are probably better that way.

Don't they look delicious? I've only eaten one so far, just so you know. :)

Then I decided to sew a lumbar pillow for my office chair. My back has been killing me, and after starting the chiropractic process, it's going through waves. I have to make my back muscles stronger so I will sit up straighter and correct my posture. Which is something I really need to do, but I get little twinges and pains every once and a while. So, while I am waiting for my new, totally awesome, blue/green (read: turquoise) desk chair, I will use my new pillow to help me sit up straighter and curb the pain.

I used some Ikea fabric that I picked up a while ago. I loved the colors and the stripes, but had no plan for it. I used it to make Elliott a kitty bed, and that was it. I've had the pillow sitting on my couch since I made it, and I like it there... so I might be making another one or two for the living room. : )

I left the sewing machine out because I think I'll do some quilting tomorrow! There is about an inch of snow on the ground... so my plans for going antiquing were put on hold. I'll just go next weekend instead.

The only thing I didn't do today was meal planning... Maybe I'll do that in the morning.


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