Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Real Simple

I love Real Simple magazine. I don't have a subscription, but I do occasionally pick one up when it catches my eye in the grocery store. I went to the website the other day looking for a recipe or something I saw in an issue I couldn't find, and I came across these.

I was sitting on the couch remarking out loud that some of the ideas we 'just genius!' and I questioned 'why didn't I ever think of that!?' Steven asked me politely to stop. I hope you find something you hadn't already thought of, or it will just make me feel dumb...

50 New Used for Old Things

28 Uses for Everyday Items

101 Uses for Everyday Things

Work is still going well! I have projects to work on now, so I feel like I am spending my time more productively. I still need to add a few things to my cubbie, but it's coming along!

Elliott's appointment went well last night. At 18 months he weighs 12.5 pounds! The vet commented that his paws could be used as snow shoes. : ) His ears and teeth are clean, and he's a healthy boy! He freaked out slightly, but no meowing or scratching occurred. I'm a little nervous about taking him the humane society this weekend - there will just be so many more animal smells and noises. But we've been wanting to chip him for a while, and this is a great deal.

Anywho... back soon!


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