Wednesday, March 3, 2010

stream of consciousness

D on't you just love this drop cap? I found it over at Daily Drop Cap. This might be my favorite design of hers, ever. I got a new desktop background for my work computer here. I think I'll switch out the image if I get tired of one. I have the peacock teal and green one up currently. I came across these today. Aren't they lovely? I'm putting them on my "want list." I am going to get my hair cut today. My regular hairdresser is booked for 2 weeks. So I am visiting a gal that was recommended by a friend. My hair is doing weird. ugly things, and I don't think I should go another 2 weeks. I hope the new lady does a good job. I'm also considering growing my hair out a little bit... but everyone loves it short. I went to *bux today, got a drink heavy on caffeinated ingredients. Now my tummy hurts, like it always does after a heavy coffee drink. Why do I torture myself? My black sweater is a lint and hair magnet. I look down at my shoulders and arms every so often and get embarrassed. I need a lint roller for my desk. Some people might think I have dandruff... I'm ashamed that members of my Alma Mater (first time I used that phrase!) could do things like this. My desk decoration is coming along. Now I just need to upload photos to walgreens so I can print them.


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