Monday, March 29, 2010

stream of consciousness

 {my view as I walked into work this morning}

I was MIA from the blog all weekend - seasonal allergies attacked me, and my sinuses lost. I did a lot of laying around and napping. I did manage to squeeze in a short trip to the antique store and the dreaded mall on Saturday. Sunday was spent kinda cleaning, but mostly relaxing.

Let's play the positive/negative, happy/sad game. Ready?!

Tried to exchange jeans, failed.
Convinced the sales girl to ship me jeans for free, won!

Bought cute rug for kitchen to coordinate with my fabulous le creuset accessories, awesome.
Can't find a picture of it online to share with you, bummer.

 {cute, tiny, window I saw at the antique store... only 300 bucks!}

Fell in love with antique bottle, knew I shouldn't buy another glass bottle. Sad.
Looked up what bottle was, saw that it was a rare bottle, bought it anyway. Happy!

Punched out a bunch of paper to sew into garland for baby shower. Yay!
My machine doesn't care for the paper... have to try more settings. Lame.

Looked for places to move-in to in July. Fun!
Can't find a place I LOVE in the area we LOVE that is in my budget. Disappointing.

{a small part of my surprise!}

Got a few more things in line for my huge surprise! Exciting!
Still waiting on some other things/working on some things before I can reveal. Suspense.

Really want to get outside and go for a bike ride. Productive.
My bike is in Texas, so instead I do nothing. Lazy.

{small selection of ceramic mugs left}

I stopped by Target to swoon over the Liberty of London gear. Thrilling!
They were still out of what I thought I might buy. Slight anger.

The weather is going to get into the high 70s this week! Win!
I have plans to get frozen yogurt Wednesday afternoon. Win!

Oh wait, I just broke the rules...

Well, that was fun while it lasted. And yes, meal planning is late. It's all due to the allergy attack of the century. It was seriously the first one I've had that was this bad. We have pantry and freezer items we can use tonight, and I think we're going to go out tomorrow before Steven's week gets busy. Our date nights are needed in my book. A night off from cooking, and out of the house. Even better now that the weather is nice!

How were your weekends? Do you have any positive/negatives?



  1. Where are you trying to move? Rent is going up up up all the time it seems!

    Cute list! Need to hit Target today to do my own swooning over Liberty of London.

  2. We want to stay on the south side of Columbia, if possible, we just need more room!

    Good luck finding things to swoon over - I found that clothing had the most to look at.

  3. Positive: i reached 100 followers, negative: didn't do anything of what I had planned... have a nice one!


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