Friday, April 23, 2010

dresses. {+ rant}

I have a couple weddings and special events coming up, and I would love to have a new dress to wear to each. Of course that's not financially possible, but dreaming is free!

Love this more casual option from The Loft... only $79.50

A dressier option from J. Crew for a mere $250.00

This would be great for a summer wedding. $89.50 at The Loft

This is probably my favorite. You can dress it up or down. Though at $148, I'll never own it!

Simple, yet the pleats and flowers add lovely texture. It's $79.50 at The Loft.

I have some cheaper, albeit less gorgeous, options picked out that I am going to hunt for in the stores this weekend. I hope they are actually there.

{begin mini-rant:}
Does it drive anyone else crazy that what you see online is never in store... or what you see in the window is the only item of it's kind in the store, and it's not for sale... or though they seem to want your business, they are totally not helpful in finding what you need in any way whatsoever.

It's called Customer Service. Get with it people!

I worked in retail for a short period of time at three different places. One was a small, local business, and the other two were big box retail giants. The local place that sold friendly priced purses and jewelry had a steady stream of business, but it was rarely jam-packed. Myself, and the other 3 lovely ladies who worked there, were always super nice and helpful, making suggestions and showing options. Big-box one was Linens-N-Things, which is now out of business. Probably because we took an-y-thing back. Anything. Good customer service was required for our guests (that's what we had to call them), and if we were seen slacking off, we were reprimanded. I was a cashier, so I was sure to hear about any bad service along the way. Big-box number two was American Eagle Outfitters. The store I worked in was ranked number one in customer service by the big-wigs, so we had to keep up our image. We also pulled in the most money, no doubt because people had a good shopping experience. After visiting an American Eagle with crappy customer service, I barely shop there anymore.

Bottom line... being nice pays off, I will shop there again. Just don't be too nice or you'll go bankrupt.
{mini-rant over}


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