Monday, April 12, 2010

jeans disaster

{this is going to be a long story... just a heads up}

I had an on-going shopping disaster for about 6-8 weeks. I needed some more jeans, and I liked the pair I had previously purchased from express, so I went back armed with an awesome coupon to buy another pair. When I got there they had buy one get one 50% off, I couldn't pass that up! I already knew what size I needed, but they were out of my size. I purposefully purchased the wrong size so I could utilize my coupon and BOGO offer.

I went back two weekends later... they were still out of my size. Went back the following week, asked a girl if they had the size I needed, she checked, and they had one pair. I checked the price tag on the jeans to make sure they were the right size and exchanged one pair. The next morning I went to put them on... they were longs! I wear regulars. They were about 6 inches too long.

I was fed up at this point. I went back the third weekend in a row (which is now a month later), they still didn't have the size I needed. I decided to be tough. Either they would ship me the correct size for free, or I would return the jeans and buy some elsewhere. The sales girl was nice, and seemed genuinely sorry, so she deducted the $5 shipping charge off of a pair of jeans so it would balance out. Perfect! She runs my debit card and I am on my way.

2 days later I get my e-mail conformation with my receipt. It was $30 more than she charged me in the store. Grr. So I called the store and the directed me to call the 1-800 number. I did, and after waiting several minutes they asked me to fax them my receipt from the store - but make sure it's before 12:30 pm so the girl could take care of it before she got off work! So I did... but I didn't get any calls or e-mails that day. The middle of the following day I got an e-mail that confirmed they matched the amount on my receipt. Phew.

Or so I thought. I got the jeans in the mail a couple days later. Checked the tag INSIDE the jeans, not the price tag. Yay, the right size! I didn't bother trying them on. The next morning I went to put a pair on... they were still too long. Inches too long. I would not have bought the original pair of jeans if they were that long - I know I wear flats or flip-flops all the time.

I was beyond angry at this point. I just wanted a pair of jeans I could wear! I decided to return the jeans from express and try else where. I got advice from a couple people that Banana Republic jeans were really great jeans. The only problem is that the closest Banana is 2 hours away, there is an outlet an hour away - but thats still a long way to try on a pair of jeans.

I heard from a co-worker than Gap jeans were her new favorites, and I figured Gap and Banana probably had close to the same jeans, so I headed there to try some on. The regulars seemed long, so I tried on the shorts - which is actually marked with an "A" on the tag - and they fit great! I wore them 2 days (because you are supposed to wear jeans more than 1 day before washing them... right?) and they were only a little stretched out in the rear. I washed and hesitantly dried them in the dryer, and they fit fine, not too tight.

The verdict: never shop at evil express again, Gap jeans are the bestest jeans in the world - a godsend. I have even bought a second pair since!

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