Monday, April 19, 2010

random facts


1} I got a free baby flowering dogwood tree last earth day. Since I live in a rental I planted it in a pot. It is still alive and it's even producing leaves!

2} I watch a lot of "home shows" on TLC and HGTV. I know all about buying/selling a house, fixing it up/keeping it maintained, and quick decorating fixes. And I live in a rental and can't utilize any of that information - yet.


 3} I am fairly OCD regarding neatness and organization. I keep these two journals - one for work, and one for home. They are full of lists and project details, anything I need to remember. They complement my planner well. 

4} I like loading the dishwasher - so I can organize how I like. I've been known to re-arrange the dishes if someone else loads it wrong. I hate unloading though - I've already organized where they go when they're clean!


5} I like fruity drinks with vodka or rum and never drink beer. It is also cause for celebration if I finish a drink, while at dinner, all on my own. I don't drink while I eat (anything, even water), so I get full.

6} When I'm in the car I use my phone to record bits of songs I like, or things I need to remember. I always cringe when I hear my own voice - that is what I sound like?


7} Elliott makes me laugh every day. He also makes me want to pull my hair out every day. He can be so sweet one minute, and a total devil the next. I especially enjoy how much he can flatten down his ears while on the prowl.

8} I live in flip-flops. I wear them every day - until it snows. I own probably 10 pair, and am looking for a couple more. I've had some since high school. I've been the same height and shoe-size since 5th grade.

9} Spring, summer, and fall are my favorite seasons. I like watching it snow in the winter, but I suspect I suffered from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) this last cold season. I need the sun to live (literally and figuratively).

10} I love keeping my blog. I'm kinda shy in person, and not always quick with the wit. I enjoy blog-surfing to learn more information and meet new people. I love getting comments - it makes my day!
Thanks to Lisa Leonard for inspiring this post!


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