Thursday, April 22, 2010

stream of consciousness

Sorry for being MIA. I had a busy couple of days and found myself needing to eat or sleep instead of blog. It won't happen again - I swear. Except I don't because it could happen again...

First thought on my mind today is that I love sonic drinks. Cranberry slush, cranberry limeade, vanilla dr. pepper... yum. Especially since I don't keep soda in the house, when I am craving a D.P. sonic is the place to be. I so did not mean to rhyme.

Our landlord showed our duplex to a potential tenant yesterday. We cleaned a lot, probably more than we needed to, but it looked great. I had a fight with her previously - which left me feeling very anxious about the whole thing. I wanted to be there while they were, for two reasons. One: Elliott. He would most likely run to the door assuming it was one of us coming home, and promptly run out the door. Then when the stranger tried to get him to go inside he would freak out. Or they would think he was allowed out and leave him there. Two: Sooping. I can see her being a snoopy landlord. Especially since our tiff in the fall. It ended up being fine, and she was cordial at least.

I got my new office chair! It's really comfy and a pretty color. I am more comfortable, my back feels way better - probably because I have been sitting up straighter. I got an adjustment yesterday at the chiropractor, it was great. I can't believe I have to wait a whole month for another one!

Steven and I went to look at possible places to live the other night. One was pretty much a dump. It had teeny tiny closets, a tiny living room, and the appliances were all really old. The other one has huge closets, a good size living room, and the appliances are newer than the ones we currently use. It has three bedrooms (a master, a guest, and an craft room/office!) and 2 full baths. We are still deciding whether or not we are going to take that place right away or keep looking. I like it, we both do, and I am sick of looking. I think we should go with what we like.

And here is my drawer-o-color, as I like to call it, at work. I organize a lot of stuff my color, if that's not obvious to you... There are lots of goodies in there.

It's Earth Day, and I wore my green cardigan. Mostly so I didn't have to try to come up with an outfit. I need more tops. But I hate shopping. But I can't not try something on. It' a vicious circle.


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