Monday, April 5, 2010

throw pillows

I love throw pillows. LOVE them. I look at the selection every time I am in Target or any other store with throw pillows. The only issue I have with throw pillows is the cost. One pillow for $30... are you kidding?

I splurged on one pillow, once. It was $20 and I knew I couldn't recreate it on my own. I still love that pillow. Of the other 2 I have- one is falling apart; the other is doing great, just doesn't exactly match the room any more.

Anyway, I decided that since my first pillow making adventure went so smoothly that I would make my next set of pillows.

{these burlap covers are cute... but I might go with linen so they are a little softer}

{love this owl. I could paint a cat or giraffe version...}

{button monogram pillow? yes please!}

{this pillow would add some nice texture.}

{adorable. think of the possibilities!}

{this one could go between two word pillows. also fun & adorable.}

I am going to try some of these for the living room and my new bedding. I was already planning on making matching shams, so I'll just add in some coordinating throws. : )

Have you done any special projects lately?


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  1. I've been in toils over this very issue. I need to brighten my living room up a bit for this ridiculous bridal shower I'm hosting in a month, yet I don't have $100 to throw around on pillows. Plus I'd always have the guilt knowing they are essentially the most simple thing to sew ever. These are great ideas!


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