Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the weekend quilt

The weekend quilt is now a week quilt... but I seriously did half of the work in one weekend!

The fabric had been in a box of sewing stuff for about two years - since I got my machine. My mom and I went to the store she purchased the machine at so I could get some lessons, and they had a bunch of fat quarter sets on sale.

They came in this adorable pressed tin box, which now sits on my kitchen counter holding my cookbooks and every day food magazines. And what's that green thing? Well, that would be my kiwi Le Creuset butter dish!

Here is a little peek at my kitchen - with the awful blue/grey counter tops and all. Some of my burners are also crooked, which is just annoying. Those cute plaques above the stove are from Southern Living (thanks, Mom!) and the crock was my Grandma's. It holds fruit, veggies, bread/bagels - whatever needs to be contained!

Side note: We signed the lease for our new place this morning! I am beyond excited about all the space we are gaining. We are allowed to paint, too! I have been living with insane asylum white walls for 5 years... I am ready for some color! Back to the post...

Here is part of the quilt... the piles of pieces yet to sew, and some of the strips that are already done. I am really liking how it is coming along. I kinda winged the measurements, and it will end up being perfect! Lucky me.

The front side of some of the sewn strips. I am going to use a brown border, binding, and backing... say that three times fast! I might get it quilted at a local shop, depending on cost, otherwise I will just sew along the strips myself. I'm considering this my practice for the king size quilt I am making for our new bed. : ) I know I want to get that one quilted, so I may just save my money on this one.

I have had a lot of fun sewing this, especially since it has gone to quickly! I'll keep you updated!


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