Monday, May 10, 2010

babies, babies

I haven't told you all yet... but my cousin is having a baby! Well, my cousin's wife, if you want to get technical.

{shannon & gregg on their wedding day}

Gregg is about 4 months younger than me, and we have been pretty close our whole lives - all my cousins are. Anyway... Gregg was the first one of any of my cousins to get married, and now the first one to have a baby. We all appreciate him and Shannon trying everything out for us!

Their baby is due at the beginning of September. The whole family is really excited. They found out they are having a boy! My dad is thrilled that the family name will live on - there are only 2 boys who could potentially pass the name down and Gregg did it.

I have been eying baby clothes at every store I go to, they are so cute - how could I not?! So when my sister and I were at the mall, and we spotted a huge sale at Gymboree, it was like we were magnetically drawn into the store...

Oh. My. Gosh. Everything is SO damn cute! I keep moving from rack to rack... "Look, this one has a elephant!!" "This one has a giraffe!" "Oh! A whale!"

And since I am 99% sure that they do not read this, but I am still not going to post what we actually purchased. But here are some of the things we swooned over...

We only bought items that were on sale. $20 for a sleeper is a bit steep... especially when they will wear it approximately twice before it no longer fits!

Once the baby shower has come and gone I will post photos of the items we bought. : )


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