Tuesday, May 11, 2010

being a designer.

{a fortune I got last week}

Sometimes those are words a designer needs to concentrate on.

Being a graphic designer, or any kind of artist, can be really challenging and frustrating. Don't get me wrong, I understand every job has it's ups and downs, but jobs in the art world just have a different level of complications.

First - art of any form takes on a different meaning and interpretation for every single person. Something you see, or don't see, someone else might automatically be drawn to it (in a good or bad way), or miss it completely. You think you came up with an original, unique logo/design - but your client sees something they don't like. You have sound reasons for making decisions, but they see right past them.

Everyone imagines differently. As in "that's not what I imagined it would look like..." Whether you get tons of strict direction, or none at all, it can cause challenges. It's especially frustrating when you think you have come up with the Best. Idea. Ever! And they totally shoot it down.

You know what always sucks? Teams. When teams of people all have to agree on one design. This goes back to my first point, ten people will never agree on one thing. It's impossible. Bob loves the color blue, but Sally hates it and prefers red. 

Of course there are dream clients. You know the ones who just love everything and thank you numerous times along the way. It's heavenly when people appreciate your work. Being praised is something every one needs in life, but it's just that much sweeter when you are used to being shot down.

I love my profession, and I love my job. It's just hard to stay upbeat and positive all the time when you get knocked down regularly. In those moments I usually take a step back, think about my proudest moments as a designer, and trudge onward.

This week has been one of trudging for me.

PS: isn't it fun when you get a fortune that really speaks to you?!


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