Monday, May 17, 2010

Cleveland {part 1}

There are a few too many pictures for just one post, so I'll break this into two!

Our trip started at five on Thursday morning. It rained during the whole drive to St. Louis. When we parked the car and checked on the flight, we found out our original 8am flight had been cancelled and we were re-booked for a flight that was scheduled to depart at that minute... We ran inside and checked in, hurried through security, and made our re-booked flight because it had been delayed so much. Luckily our connection flight was delayed, just enough, so we made it to Cleveland almost on time.

{pickwick & frolic}

That night we attended the rehearsal dinner at Pickwick and Frolic. Dinner was good, and so was the company. It was a cool place, but the street it was on was cozy and comfortable. It was closed off to traffic, so after the dinner was over we all stood outside enjoying the weather and chit-chatting for a while.

{the House of Blues was right across the street}


{the menu!}

Down the street was Lola, Chef Michael Symon's restaurant! We went and peeked in the windows and checked out the menu. There was a wall of bottles of wine, and the menu looked delicious. I only wish we had another evening to eat dinner there! Maybe next time...

{tower city}

The Tower in Public Square was all a-glow for the Cavs... but I hear they let the city down. Our hotel, the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel is attached to Tower City, which features a mall. It was nice having that right there, we walked around to kill the small amount of free time there was, and found some breakfast one morning.

{lemon drop}

We finished off both our evenings at the bar in the hotel lobby. I got a lemon drop martini both nights, it has the perfect amount of sweetness, but not enough to just drink it in one gulp. : ) I really liked having the wedding in the hotel... I just went upstairs when I was too tired to keep my eyes open (1:30am...) and passed out.

Part 2 tomorrow!


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