Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cleveland {part 2}

Part two of my mini-vacation... {part one is just below...}

We were scheduled to leave the night after the wedding, so we had a majority of the day to explore the city a little bit more. We ventured to the West Side Market in the historic district.

We first walked through the area with the fresh fruits and vegetables. Everything looked uh-maze-ing. We just kept saying "too bad we don't have a kitchen to cook in..." There was a stand selling fresh honey and honey sticks - so I got a few of those. I have been slightly obsessed with honey sticks since I first got them in Seattle at the Pike Place Market.

Then we went inside. I didn't know where to look first. Cheese! Meat! Cake! More Cheese! Ooo, cookies! Fresh bread! I wanted to try everything.

{The Cheese Shop - I got fresh mozzarella}

{One of the bakeries. I got a German chocolate brownie!}

{I didn't know there were this many kinds of olives!}

{These bear claws were as big as my head!}

{I tried a couple empanadas, so yummy.}

 {After walking around for thirty minutes, I finally started noticing the actual building. LOVE the ceiling.}

{My family shared a regular size gyro from this stand... they were SO good and SO big.}

{Chicago water front}

We had a connection in Chicago on both trips, but on the flight home we could see past the fog just enough to view this pretty sight. I saw Navy Pier, the Oakbrook Mall where I have shopped, my great-grandma's old house, and we even flew over our old house in Lombard. It was pretty exciting. If only I had time to leave the airport... I'm really hoping for a birthday weekend trip to Chicago, hopefully time will allow!

I've said it already, but it was great to see everyone and catch up. Hopefully it's not too long till I see everyone again! You all know, Columbia is an awesome place to visit, right?? ; )


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