Thursday, May 27, 2010

day dreaming

{these amazing craft rooms were found here}

I've been dreaming about how my craft room / office is going to look once I get it all organized and pretty. I have to share some of it with a TV, xbox, and playstation 3 - but I'll make sure that part of the room looks pretty nice too. I'm regretting not taking measurements of the room, or other rooms in the house, because I keep trying to place furniture in the room, but I can't quite imagine it since I don't have the scale.

{Side note: I was one of those kids who would get out the graph paper, take measurements, and sketch out how I was going to rearrange my bedroom. And I did it often. I actually did it on my own most of the time, calling my mom up to help me move the only heavy piece of furniture when I was already half way through the process. I helped my little sister rearrange her room on occasion, too. End side note.}

Since I do a variety of stuff {sewing, painting, printing, paper crafts, faux-knitting, and computer work} my space has to be versatile, and well organized so I can find the materials I need easily. I am going to re-use some storage I already have to save on cost. I shouldn't need much more than I already have. I would like a spool organizer for my threads, and a ribbon holder would be awesome.

Less than 45 days until we pick up the new keys and start moving. i. can. not. wait. And I promise you can have pictures of the new place!



  1. I wish my home office looked as good as this - fantastic organization!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. looks so inspirational - i am sure you will come up with a great craft room!


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