Friday, May 21, 2010

dear Columbia

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It's no secret that I live in Columbia, Missouri. Smack dab between St. Louis and Kansas City, only an hour from the Lake of the Ozarks. It's known locally as CoMo or College Town USA, since 3 colleges call Columbia home - University of Missouri, Stephens College, and Columbia College.

About 100,000 people reside in Columbia... however that number significantly drops {by about 20,000} during the summer when most of the college kids retreat to their hometowns.

You can always find a sporting event on the weekends, but of course Mizzou football is a large draw. The stadium is always full when a game starts. Don't ask what it looks like at the end of a losing game...

The District, or downtown area, is a fun place to shop and eat. Shakespeare's Pizza is a popular joint. They have great pizza and good prices at the bar, too.

The mall in Columbia kinda sucks. It's small and has a small variety of stores. {Probably why all my clothes are from one place...} The only Target is attached the the mall, which means a 25 minute drive just to look at the kitchen isle. Boutiques downtown are pricey, but every once and while you can catch a great deal. We have 3 Walmarts and a Sam's Club... in fact Sam Walton lived in Columbia and some of this family still resides here. Mizzou tried to name the new basketball arena after his brother's granddaughter Paige...

Columbia is full of biking/walking/running trails, including the Katy Trail which was the former Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad line. There are tons of state parks and nature areas, as well.

I love Columbia. It has a cozy small-town feel with out being too small. : ) I am skimming over a lot of information... so you can read some more info here if you are interested in learning more about Columbia.



  1. Saying hi from Cape Girardeau!

  2. I've missed you! Your pics are breathtaking! Those games look like so much FUN! I wish I was there...

    Love, Mere


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