Saturday, May 15, 2010

etsy fabric finds

{make-up purse by Alice Caroline}

{stuffed giraffe by baby darling}

{chotto tote by Christy studio}

{hair pin by Charli & Cleo}

{reusable snack bag by The Silver Bobbin}

Being an organization freak, I could use a billion little pouches in my purse to hold whatever I thought needed to be in a little pouch. I could make some giraffes and stick them in a large pouch. Or in that adorable tote. I really do need a new purse. I also need some help in the hair department. All this humidity is doing bad things to the 'do. Makes me more and more tempted to go back to the hippie hair I had in high school. Speaking of hippies, I have been thinking about purchasing or making some reusable snack bags. I try to use containers when possible, but they take up so much space. Plus, I love pouches.


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