Sunday, May 23, 2010


Here are some things that have been inspiring me lately... and other things that I just fell in love with.

I found these over at Penny People's Etsy store, and I adore them. Wouldn't that be cute in an office? Or even to brighten up a utility room? (or a kid's room, but I don't have any of those...)

I love the bright colors and the arrangement of the different sized letters.

I love these vintage locker baskets. I found some at a Downtown McKinney antique store, but they were pricey. So I turned to Ebay and found a better price - I got three! That was a while back, but they have been in use every since. I am slightly obsessed with baskets/bags/storage/organization of any kind...

Love the natural patterns and shape of these.

I have the quilt that used to dress the twin bed in my Grandparent's house. I slept in that bed many times, and I remember my Grandma tucking me in and turning on the radio or winding my musical bear and tucking me in under this quilt. I would lay in bed and trace the shape until I fell asleep. I am proud to be the new owner of this quilt. My Grandma told me that her mother made it (stitched it all by hand) when she was in high school, so it's about 75 years old. She even told me that one of her friends was over after school and asked my great-Grandmother if she could do a few stitches. Of course she said yes, but after the girl had left, and the stitches weren't good enough, she removed them and re-stitched them herself! I have another quilt of my grandmother's as well, and I adore them both. I am almost afraid to use them, I would hate for anything bad to happen...

Anything that inspires me to sew is good! I can't wait to have a dedicated space to sew!

I first ran across Ball blue glass jars at Artichoke Annie's over the summer. Unfortunately, I thought they were a tad bit expensive. Lucky for me, my Grandma had one in the attic, and the Downtown McKinney stores had much better prices! I have quite the collection now, and I use them as vases, candy jars, and just plain ol' decoration.

COLOR! I love the teal/turquoise/blue color of the glass. Pairs great with red flowers.

I love looking for inspiration in unsuspecting places. : )


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