Wednesday, May 12, 2010


{checking out the camera lens}

{chewing on my plant}

{blinded by the sun}

I thought every one could use a couple pictures of Elliott playing outside. I love the unique and strange looks I received while watching him run around.

Getting outside is his daily goal, and he makes several attempts throughout the day. Some are more successful than others. His favorite activities include:
                         - eating grass
                         - eating leaves
                         - eating my plants
                         - chattering at birds
                         - looking inquisitively at dogs
                         - hiding in the neighbor's bushes
                         - running around the back (or front) of the house
                         - hiding under cars
                         - chasing squirrels
                         - chasing bugs
                         - chasing leaves blowing in the wind
                         - doing anything he can to keep from going back inside

We decided when we first got him to keep him as an indoor cat. We knew we would be moving a few times in the future and didn't want him getting lost, or stolen. He still has all his claws - you know they remove a whole knuckle when they de-claw cats? Sounds like torture. Luckily he learned early that the furniture is not a scratching post.

The one time Elliott got out and no one noticed, he was out for over an hour - in the dark. It was my bed time and I couldn't find him anywhere. It's common for him to sleep under furniture or upstairs. I figured if Ell were outside for that long he would have been meowing at the door. I went out looking for him with a flashlight, calling his name. He didn't come, so I went back for the treat can. Elliott knows the sound of them and thought he might come to that. When I went back out he was sitting by the corner of the garage, right outside the front door. I bet he had quite an adventure that night!


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