Friday, May 28, 2010

projects, projects, projects...

My project list just keeps growing and growing with each passing day. Ideas for {simply & cheaply} decorating the new place have been floating around my brain.

Here are some awesome finds...

{fabric storage bins from a pretty cool life.}
{just found her blog... oh. my. cant. stop. looking.}

{super cool book-page wreath by Living with Lindsay}

{camera strap cover - one of many tutorials by derek & lauren}

{fused plastic bag totes over at made}

{fabric pennant banners - these are from Bison Girl}

That's a good start to my list... there are many things missing or not worth mentioning. If I do anything awesome, I'll be sure to take pictures along the way!

I have plans to visit a flea market tomorrow... I really hope I find something good! Then I'll take in a softball game or two, work out, clean house, quilt, and relax. Any big plans for your Memorial Day Weekend? 


1 comment:

  1. Anthropologie has dyed paper things like that! I thought of you when I saw them

    Love you, KT


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