Friday, May 7, 2010


 {Cinderella 2, the RV}

On Wednesday I helped out with a service project at the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri with Live to Journey and Discovery Tour 1.

{me & josh}

My friend Josh worked with me at Mizzou (my student job), before he left us for Costa Rica, he is a web developer. He had previously spent a year in Africa working for Invisible Children. He decided to go to Costa Rica for 3 months, travel around, explore, and take his online classes. We were all jealous. He returned the states (tan with long hair), and we couldn't wait for him to come back to Columbia. But then he decided to move to California, where he took a job and bought a sail boat. Yep, a sail boat.

Let me tell you, I am amazed by Josh every day. I once told him, "You are the only person who can make me shake my head and smile at the same time." What I meant by that was that he was always moving from one unbelievable adventure to the next.

{ashlee, me & nikki}

I'm not clear on all the details, but basically Josh and some friends started a not-for-profit group that travels around the county in an RV (Cinderella 2, since Cinderella 1 died in El Paso), stop in numerous cities along the way, and donate their time to a local service projects or organizations. They were in Columbia on Wednesday, so I joined them and donated my time to help out.

 {josh, nikki and ashlee in the food bank}

I met them at the food bank and greeted them with some mini-cakes from a local bakery. I wanted to give them a little something, and what better than cake, right?! I got a tour of their home on wheels, and then we headed in to help out. Josh told them about Live to Journey and asked questions about how the food bank works. Sean, the manager of that location, took us to the warehouse and gave us some assignments. 

{nutrition drink & cereal}

First we took bags of cereal and boxes of a nutrition drink and stocked the shelves. Then we moved on and sorted various paper products. We had to open packages of toilet paper and put them in smaller bags with 4 rolls. The toilet paper went in one bin and the zip-lock bags, tin foil, kleenex and paper towels went in a separate bin.

{nikki found a new home in the cereal bin}

After we sorted those items we packaged hard boiled eggs. The eggs were already peeled and packaged in a bag of water that was in a 5 gallon bucket. We dumped the eggs into a huge bin to strain them and them packaged them in baggies. It was not the most pleasant smell, we kinda giggled our way through that task. And for our last job, we shelved juice bottles.

It was so great to see Josh again, and to meet Nikki and Ashlee. I had fun volunteering my time, and I think I will make some time to return in the future.

Make sure you visit Live to Journey to see if they are stopping in your town!


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