Sunday, May 16, 2010


{kaylee, me, katie, & courtney before the reception}

My family traveled about 7 hours to reach Cleveland... it was worth the headache! The wedding was beautiful, as was the reception, and we got to see some great friends. Kaylee and Courtney were in the wedding, and they looked really pretty all dressed up.

The ceremony was at a gorgeous church in downtown Cleveland. Huge staircase up to the doors, tremendous details everywhere. It was built around 1900 and my art history brain was turning the entire time. 

We had a break in between the ceremony and the cocktail hour, so we went up to a friend's suite and snacked on fresh crab from Seattle, yummy cheese, and awesome wine. Then we freshened up and went right downstairs to the reception. 

The cocktail hour was nice, we mingled with friends and family, sipped on drinks, and snacked on some yummy appetizers. That hour passed quickly and we were in the ballroom before we knew it.

{the gorgeous centerpieces}

The ballroom was decorated so nicely. They introduced the parents, bridal party, and the newlyweds before they cut the cake. During our salads the speeches were given... they were so sweet. It's obvious this couple is loved!

{traci & sean's first dance!}

While we finished dinner, they did the first dance, father-daughter, and mother-son dances. They were very sweet. Shortly after, we were served dessert, and then called to the dance floor. Dessert was awesome, and we danced literally until the DJ closed it down! They also had a green screen photo booth that placed you in front of the city skyline. It was a lot of fun! We took entirely too many pictures there!

The whole evening was great, I am glad we were able to attend! 

I'll post a little more about the rest of our weekend later! 



  1. Woo lovely dress, where'd you snag that?

  2. Thanks! I got it at Belle, on 9th Street. I wore it to my graduation as well.

    Some of their dresses are ugly and high-priced, but others are cute and sometimes reasonable. :)


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