Saturday, June 19, 2010

date night!

Date night started with dinner at Stadium Grill - a place I had been boycotting because of the radio commercials they ran when they first opened. No, I couldn't tell you what they said now. Steven wanted to go there, so I agreed. I love me a good burger.

The decorations at the restaurant were really cool. Everything black and gold Mizzou. They had all their TVs turned to various games, soccer, baseball, and golf. I didn't pay much attention the TVs. We got their in time to enjoy their buy-one-get-one-free appetizers, so we chose the buffalo chicken dip and the onion ring stack. Both were good.

I ordered a bacon cheese burger with bbq sauce and Steven ordered one with pepper jack cheese and jamaican jerk sauce. We both enjoyed them, and the crispy fries were some of the best we've had in Columbia.

And of course, because I am dessert queen, I ordered the fresh donuts. SO good! They came out nice and warm, covered in cinnamon sugar, with a vanilla glaze to dip them in.

Stuffed and ready for an after dinner coma, we headed over to the movie. This was my first 3-D movie in ages... I like to see the regular ones. But unfortunately, both theaters in Columbia were showing only 3-D. We ordered a drink to share and made ourselves comfortable a half hour before show time. And good thing because it was packed! I was a little afraid we would have a whole bunch of misbehaving kids interrupting the movie, but the kids were fine.

And the movie was so good! We both loved it. Yes, I cried. But Steven said he could hear a lot of sniffing noses, so I wasn't alone. We talked more this morning about how it seemed to be aimed towards the "Toy Story Generation"... or kids who grew up with the Toy Story movies. It definitely made us feel sad about growing up. We can't wait till this one comes out on DVD so we can add it to our collection. :)

This morning we took Elliott to get his nails trimmed at Lizzi & Rocco's Pet Market. He was such a good boy. He hissed at the dogs that would get to close to his crate, but they did stick their noses right in there. And there were two kitties there that were up for adoption. We totally fell in love with the male cat, Bart (full name Bartholo-mew). He was just like Ell, except he was laid back and very friendly to all the animals there. The humane society was having a Kitten-palooza today and adult cats were free. If this kitty had been a part of that event I'm not sure he would have been left in that cage. Steven was giving me sad eyes. Unfortunately (fortunately?) Elliott was a bit tense from the whole trip (almost an hour), so he hissed and growled at poor Bart. It's okay though, we'll think about getting Elliott a friend after we move and get settled in.

Sorry for the lack of photos... I'm working on a duvet cover today, so that's keeping me busy! I'm glad we're indoors, it's balmy out there today! Stay cool!


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