Friday, June 25, 2010

Design Love

Just a few more things I am adding to my list...

I want to throw a cup cake party just so I can utilize these adorable cupcake stands from Hello Hanna.

S'mores are always something I crave in the summer. I could see these kits from Jordan Ferney being an awesome party favor at a summer BBQ... especially if you have a fire pit going!

I am loving these alphabet illustrations by Sol Linero. Makes me wish I had the patience to make my own version. I especially like that it is more of an art piece than just a line of letters with an image.

I'm glad I have so many sewing projects on my list! Because I adore this bird pattern from Cloud9.

After I read this post about fabric tape, I almost drove to walmart at.that.moment to buy one of those machines. I haven't gotten it yet, but it's on my list of MUST haves.
These state fair posters by Allen Peters are brilliant! So creative, yet I feel like the idea is one that is right-in-your-face. Every one know when you go to a fair all you eat are foods on a stick.

How badly do I want this typography book? So badly that I can't even express how badly. It's awesome.

This is exactly why I love paper. I hoard paper and tissue paper. For this exact reason. Can I decorate for my own birthday party? Can I throw my own birthday party? I love party decor.

I love organization and storage solutions. This DVD storage solution is perfect for us considering the number of burned movies we have. Yes, we burn movies, please don't call the Feds on us.

I really like the simplicity and color scheme of this design by Mette Hornung Rankin. It reminded me of the GetAbout Columbia campaign. The illustrations for GetAbout were done by a French illustrator.

{PS: how awesome is that turquoise VW bus!? image found here}



  1. Have you ever been to the MN state fair? It's to die for! A few of us are thinking of making another trip for the last weekend (Labor Day).

    great list!


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