Monday, June 21, 2010

etsy favorites

I'm always adding things I find on etsy to my favorite items/must buy when I have $20 extra dollars list. The list has been growing a lot lately, so I thought I should dedicate a post to all the items I wish I owned.

I adore these little ceramic houses made by The Little Red Door. Adore them. I think I go admire them weekly. I have imagined which colors I would choose, and I end up with a different color combination every time.

I have always wanted an "EAT" sign for my kitchen. I blame it on my years of watching 'Friends', on some episodes Monica had a large "EAT" magnet on her fridge. The one from Old New Again is perfect. The price tag is a little steep for my current budget, so I am hoping to make my own version.

 These prints from Sarah Knight Design are adorable! I love the bright colors and simple design. They are called nursery prints, but I wouldn't mind putting one of these in my own room! She does sell note cards too...

I'm tempted to order this tile from DK General Store... but how many numbers can one house hold? Would I be over-doing it? Maybe if I just made sure to space them out between the rooms... It would probably match a souvenir tile I picked up in San Diego...

There are a couple of little men I know who should have this onesie. nissalisa has a variety of monsters to choose from, and a variety of sizes. What little boy doesn't love monsters?! I put this on my gift idea list.

What items have you found on etsy?



  1. everything is so cute! i do like that eat sign

  2. How sweet are those little ceramic houses?

    Your blog is adorable. I like simplicity of the design.

  3. Isn't everything adorable!

    Thank you Angela!


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