Wednesday, June 23, 2010

funny story?

Wanna hear a funny story? I stopped at the store on the way home to get a couple things for dinner. And milk. I decided to swing by the hair accessory isle to look for headbands or anything else I could use to keep my long-enough-to-be-annoying, but too-short-to-put-in-ponytail hair at bay during these horribly humid days.

I came up empty handed. I did get some adorable bobby pins, but I was really looking for some cute elastic headbands.

Anywho, get home, make dinner, blah blah blah, then sit down with my lappy {laptop} for a little blog reading. I wasn't planning on posting anything tonight... still have some bloggers block, still blaming the heat.

And this amazing gem was in my google reader. Uhm, did Jill read my mind? I mean, obviously I am not having surgery, or a baby, but these are perfect!

I really like the middle one with the 2 braids. I'm going to have to make this ASAP!

So thank you, Jill, for fulfilling my dreams today. :) I'll definitely post my version... if it turns out well!



  1. I NEED these!! They are so cute and my hair is always all over the place lol.

  2. Glad you like them. And thank you for calling your laptop "lappy." My husband and I call ours the same thing! And our desktop is "compy." :)

  3. I love these! I've been using things like this all summer so far for running and when I'm too lazy or hot to blow dry my hair....which is everyday. Definitely post how yours turn out!

  4. Yay, Jill, I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    Krystal, I will post about them. I am going fabric/ribbon hunting this weekend!


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