Tuesday, June 1, 2010


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I can't believe it's June. For real? At least that means moving is getting closer! Who wants to be the first one to stay in our awesome guest room?!

I already gave some recaps of my weekend: flea market, softball, softball... But my Monday Holiday was sorta lovely as well. Mostly not being at work for a day was lovely. Ready for a rundown?

7:00 - Elliott meows me awake. I hurry him downstairs to let Steven sleep. Turn on TV and grab a blanket.
7:10 - Elliott sits at the bottom of the stairs meowing. I take him to get some treats.
7:20 - Elliott has finished his breakfast and bath, now wandering around the living room.
7:30 - I open a window so Elliott can hear/watch the birds... and to make sure he stays quiet and occupied.
8:00 - Unload and reload the dishwasher.
8:15 - I grab myself a banana muffin for breakfast. Return to the couch and eat with a plate on my lap.
9:15 - Steven is up. I make us some smoothies with our new blender.
9:45 - Steven leaves for work. I start a load of laundry. Return to couch.
10:30 - Went for my first bike ride on my new bike. Rode to the Rock Quarry Park and around the trail.
11:00 - Home, and out of breath. More hills than anticipated. Showered.
11:30 - Switch loads of laundry. Unload dishwasher, again.
12:00 - Ate a small lunch, straightened up living room. Back to couch. Elliott napped on my lap.
2:00 - Went shopping. Got groceries for the week and some cheap unbleached cotton fabric. Yay, walmart!
3:30 - Home, groceries unloaded. Straightened up the kitchen and dining room.
4:00 - Back on the couch, waiting for Steven. Elliott starts to nap on my lap, hears birds, runs to window.
4:45 - Started our faux-B-Q dinner on the stove. Steven gets home.
5:45 - Ate dinner: Oozy cheese burgers, glazed carrots, steamed broccoli, baked beans, chips and dip, and yummy peach cocktails to wash everything down.
6:30 - Clean up the kitchen from dinner. Load the dishwasher, again.
7:00 - Switched laundry, turned on the Hawks game, ate a bowl of ice cream.
7:30 - Worked on the quilt... update soon!
9:30 - Folded and put laundry away. Helped Steven pack for the College World Series in Oklahoma City.
10:30 - In bed, Elliott jumps up to get some snuggles. I fall asleep with him curled up around my arm.

Can you tell I was just a little annoyed with Elliott yesterday morning? I have posts in the work regarding a few of the items I mentioned... you'll want to try the peach drinks!

Back to work today... I'm sure time will move a little more slowly than it did yesterday!

I hope your weekends were lovely!



  1. Where are you guys moving to? hopefully not out of CoMo!

  2. Definitely not out of CoMo! We're moving like 5 blocks from where we live now... just a little more space.


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