Monday, June 14, 2010

office garland

{close-up of the garland}

It's no secret that bunting is all the rage right now. It's also no secret that I have been slowly decorating my office cubbie since I started there almost 4 months ago. So I decided to make my own paper version.

{all the triangles sorted by color/pattern}

First I cut a few billion triangles. I cut two inch wide strips out of the length of paper then cut the angles. They are two inches wide at the top and meet in the middle at the bottom point.

{gluing the paper into the ribbon}

I used 1/4 of an inch white grosgrain ribbon to hold the little pennants. I just put a little smear of hot glue across the ribbon, then I folded the ribbon equally over the top. I wanted as much paper to show as possible.

{finished garland!}

I took it to my office and strung it up today. It was a little short, I guess my measurement was wrong, so I am going to make some more and just patch it together. It really brightens things up in there! I post a picture of my cubbie soon, once I put on a few finishing touches!

I want to make some larger fabric bunting for the house... I originally posted about it as a kitchen decoration, but I can picture it in bedrooms, the office, or even the bathrooms...  Plus after antiquing on Saturday I have an adorable idea for the kitchen! I have a whole list of things to make...


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