Wednesday, June 9, 2010


 {poofs decorating my cubbie's ceiling}

I'm am suffering from bloggers block. I stared at the screen for about 15 minutes before deciding what to write about.

I have a few projects in the works, but they aren't yet complete, so of course I can't post about them yet! One particular project is on hold because I can not for the life of me find some of the materials that I purchased weeks ago. I remember putting it somewhere when I was cleaning for the landlord's visit... but I can't remember where that somewhere is. When's moving day again? Oh right, 35 more days. Is it too early to start packing?

It's gloomy and muggy here today. Storms yesterday and more tomorrow. It really makes me sleepy and grouchy when the sun doesn't shine. I have a headache. Probably because the sun isn't out. I might get rickets from the lack of vitamin D absorption.

I can't stop eating these yogurt covered raisins. Better than chocolate, I guess. Except I'm not hungry, I'm just eating them because they are sitting here. Good excuse right? It's okay, I'll burn them off during my Wii workout.

I need clothes. Problem there is that I want them to find me. I love what other people wear. But when I go to the store I can't seem to find the items to replicate their outfits. I get easily overwhelmed when I have to look through racks of non-matching clothing. That's part of the reason I never come home with clothes from target or department stores. I need someone to shop for me, send me into a dressing room full of clothes, and then tell me what to buy. Any takers?

All I'm doing is complaining. Sorry about that. Obviously correlated to the mood I am in. I have a few projects at work that are driving me batty. All the good stuff I come up with is "no good" and they want some shitty thing they imagined in their head. A shitty thing I would not want my name on. Sigh.

Here's to hoping tomorrow is better!


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