Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sushi saturday

This past Saturday was a busy one! I got up early {not necessarily by choice, but because Elliott thought it was time}and headed out to Target. I say it like it's a chore because it is. It's attached to the mall and takes at least 25 minutes to drive there. I found some clothes, a rug, a king sized down comforter {for $30!}, and a couple other little things.

I returned home to show off my finds, clean up the house a little, eat lunch, do some dishes and laundry, and I might have snuck in a little nap. Then Steven and I got ready for our evening out and headed to the antique mall. He had never been, so I was excited to show him my favorite place to shop. We had a really nice time wandering the isles, discussing what that thing could have been, and gathering items to take home with us.

After making our purchases, we headed downtown to the new sushi bar, Kampai Alley. I read a review about it on Capturing CoMo and was anxious to try it. It had been a while since the last time I got the enjoy sushi! Steven hadn't had it before, and was a little timid, but more than willing to try it.

 {our sushi rolls}

It took us a few minutes to find the place since we weren't sure what street 'Alley A' was on. But we found it, and walking through the alley to reach the door was kind of fun - it was like a secret little spot! Unfortunately I forgot about the booth comments and we were seated in a booth. The seat was low compared to the table and it was kind of uncomfortable for me to reach things on the middle. Steven sat on the chair side of the booth and commented that his chair was a little uncomfortable as well.

First we ordered edamame and the seaweed salad while we decided which sushi rolls to try. Both were very good. Steven especially liked the salad. We agreed to order the california roll and the spicy salmon roll. Since I am no sushi connoisseur, it would have been nice to have descriptions of all the sushi rolls instead of just the special rolls. They came out looking pretty and tasted delicious. The spicy roll was a little too much heat for me, I'd like to try the regular salmon roll or tuna roll next time. Steven really liked it all though.

After we finished our sushi, we considered ordering a third roll since we were both still looking for a few more bites. Instead we ordered the tempura shrimp and vegetables, we had been eying it on the menu. It came out piping hot, and was so so good. The shrimp was cooked perfectly, and the tempura was so crispy and flaky.

Our server was a little slow and didn't seem to come around as much as we might have liked, but the other servers would fill up our water and take away empty dishes so that made up for it a bit. The check came out and we were both pleased at the total. It was about $30 for 3 appetizers and 2 sushi rolls. We will definitely be going back to Kampai Alley - and soon if we can! We've been talking about it every day since!



  1. Better than Sake, not quite as good as Osaka. Still, it's nice to have another place to hang in "The District".

  2. i really really miss sushi...switzerland does not do it well so far!

  3. We'll have to try Osaka. I've heard from a couple of people that it is really good.

    Krystal, it sounds like you need a vacation to find some sushi!!

  4. I am glad that you enjoyed it. I really need to make a point to go try it out now. Have you been to Jina Yoo's Asian Bisto? They have sushi there and it is another place I've been wanting to try.

  5. I haven't tried Jina Yoo's, but I've heard good things about it. There are so many awesome restaurants in Columbia I have a long list of places to try!


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