Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tuesday thoughts

 {toby asleep on my lap}

Yesterday was a busy one! I took the Tobenator to the vet for his first check-up. He got some shots and they did a blood test, but he was a trooper. Toby, in fact, meowed the whole. entire. time. And ran around the exam room checking everything out. Quite the opposite of Elliott's first visit! Elliott just freezes up.

{toby 'asleep' in the crate on the way home}

So after his vet appointment I went back to work. I was working on a project I hate, which means I take a lot of tiny breaks to check my e-mail/twitter/facebook to break up the time. I was working on a logo that I hate {oh, did I already mention the hatred? oh well.}, and I heard a thunder boom. Except it was sunny outside. I stood up and looked out the window. Then, since I was already distracted, I checked twitter and there was a tweet from Jessica asking if anyone else had heard the boom. So I went outside and discovered a huge crowd of people gathered. Then I saw this...

{photo credit}

Turns out there was an explosion in one of the biochemistry labs.It blew out the windows and injured 4 people. The afternoon excitement helped the rest of the day pass by more quickly. I kept checking the news sites for more links to share with the office. We were all really interested in the details.

And a quick little update on how Elliott and Toby are getting along, because I know you are all interested. Elliott likes to run after Toby so he can either bat at him with his paw, or lick him. Toby doesn't know that Elliott is being friendly, so he puffs up, hisses, and growls. Elliott backs off. Ell wants to play, Toby is still scared since Elliott is 4 times his size, literally. Elliott is still doing his normal things, eating, sleeping, playing {when Toby isn't distracting him}, and looking for pets. So I think my Ell-bug is adjusting, and Toby is getting less freaked out every day. I think the move will help them both, it will be a good time for them to bond in a new environment.

Speaking of the move... only 15 more days!!



  1. quite the day you had!! Toby is soooo cute...seriously, can't get enough of seeing him :)

  2. Thanks, Krystal! I had a feeling people would be asking for more photos if I didn't post them! :)

  3. I love cats and your photos are so, so nice and cute!!! ;-)


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