Friday, June 18, 2010

with the bird in the tree on the bench

Last night around dinner time Steven and I were sitting in the living room watching Elliott chase a fly that had made it's way inside. He caught it. And ate it. We were so proud.

Shortly after he was in the front window watching the birds, his daily ritual. There was an annoying noise and Steven asked me what it was. Having lived with cats my whole life, I knew that sound was a bird going berserk. He didn't believe me, so he went to check. It was a bird. Freaking out. Sitting on the drive way.

Needless to say, freaking out bird leads to freaking out cat. So we let Elliott outside to "hunt" the bird. When we followed Elliott out a little baby birdy was perched on the bench {that my daddy made me} right outside our front door! Elliott had no clue, luckily, because that baby wasn't moving. After mama bird flew up into the tree, and Ell turned his attention to eating grass, we scooped him up and brought him in.

The three of us sat at the front window watching frozen baby birdy and freaked out mama bird. After a while I decided to go walk around the tree to look for a nest. I didn't see one in any of the three trees within the proximity of the baby. But then the frozen birdy made me want to take some pictures, so I did. But we'll get to those later.

I joined the boys at the front window again, waiting for baby to move. Then the mama swooped down and sat on a flower pot right next to bench. It had something in it's mouth... it was going to feed the baby! Elliott started going crazy, so I took him off the window sill so he wouldn't scare the mama away. The mama bird hopped over to the bench and sat next to the baby and the baby turned its head and ate the worm from the mama's mouth! It happened so quickly we were glad to be watching!

Baby still didn't move, so we decided to leave it alone. About 20 minutes later Steven went to check on it and it had left. Hopefully flew back up to its nest. : )

So here are the pictures I took. I love them! I didn't get that close. I just zoomed in. I didn't want to be attacked by the mama, after all!

{this was what we saw when we stepped right out the door. do you see the fly on its back?!}
{it turned its head a little bit towards me when I stepped outside.}

{I tried to get a little more of his front side. fly is still there.}
{I love the little wispy feathers on its head!}

{around the other side. it wasn't moving at all.}

{and around the front. I love the feather pattern on its belly.}

I was so excited to play with these photos in photoshop. Most of the photos I take aren't something I can use actions on, but I knew I could with these! I used one of the Pioneer Woman's photoshop actions, one from the second set called "warmer." It didn't change the photos a whole lot, just made them, well, warmer. : )

Tonight Steven and I are going on a little date to have some dinner and see Toy Story 3. I'll let you know how it is tomorrow!

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  1. I wish Elliott would catch more bugs... sometimes he just plays with them and lets them escape...


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