Tuesday, July 27, 2010

busy bee

 I have been SO busy getting the house in order {plus other life things} that I haven't had time to work on anything to show you all. But I do have some things in progress that I will be sharing with you soon! On top of all the decorating, I made a duvet cover, a set of curtains, stained a table, made a chalk board... all things I know you want to see!

My office/craft room is almost set up, so later this week I will work on getting those posts put together. And I might be ready to show you some more rooms of the house too!

In the meantime, just enjoy this lovely picture of me sporting the new haircut. : )



  1. Cute haircut.

    I love searching flea markets. Great find on the chairs

  2. new hair cut!?! it looks good from here :) can't wait to see more pics of the casa!

  3. You look beautiful, as always:)
    And what a great photographer you have. I love the angle and lighting in this photo!
    Hey! BTW....Don't work so hard. You know what they say..."All work and no play...."
    Love you!


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