Friday, July 2, 2010


So 'back' when I started graphic design classes, all of 4 years ago, I discovered this website called kuler by adobe. And since getting into the graphic design program was essentially a competition, I didn't tell any of my classmates. Rude? Selfish? Maybe. But I had to do what I had to do, darn it.

{my kitchen color scheme}

Kuler is all color palates. Just color palates. I actually pride myself in being able to select awesome color combinations {my teachers even told me I was good at it}, but every once and a while I needed a little inspiration.

One day in class, after I had already been admitted into the program, I snuck onto the website to get some ideas and someone caught me.

"What's that?"
"Oh. It's nothing. Just a website."
"What website?"
"It's called Kuler."
"It looks pretty cool."
"Yeah, it's pretty helpful. I just found it. {lie} I was going to tell our teacher about it. {double lie}"

And she promptly googled it and my secret was out. So since she had gotten the details out of me, I actually went ahead and told my teacher about the goodie I had 'just found.'

And my teacher promptly told the whole entire class about my 'recent' find. Of course it was sorta nice because everyone was thanking me and telling me how cool the site was. But it kinda sucked for the obvious reasons.

Anyway... I just went back to the site this week to help me find a color scheme for this awful logo that I am working on. And kuler saved my life again. But as I was browsing I thought, hey, I could use this to decorate my house!

My kitchen color scheme is already set, but then I found the one above that just happened to match. I am bringing in the charcoal grey color more with an awesome chalk board I have planned! Then I started looking for guest bathroom color combo ideas...

For reference, the guest room will be done in a floral that includes coral, turquoise, and tan. Sounds weird, but I'll be posting pictures of the decorating along the way! And I have a tan shower curtain picked out...

{option 1, my favorite, but too close to the kitchen scheme?}

{option 2, nice, but like nothing else in the house}

{option 3, also love it, but think it might be too bright}

Thoughts? Opinions? I know it's hard since you haven't seen the guest room stuff... maybe I'll post a picture of that later...

What are your favorite color combos?



  1. I think the schemes are great! The first one for the guest room is my favorite I think it's close to the kitchen but not too close, plus there will be some coral in it too!! I think the last one is too bright. I like the second one but like you said it doesn't really coordinate with anything else!

    Love you and can't wait to see what it looks like when it is alllll done :)

  2. I really like option 2!! Can't wait to see real pics!!


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