Wednesday, July 21, 2010

split personalities

{a storm rolling in this morning}

I've been so busy with moving the past two weeks I have fallen down on my blog post planning. You can be mad at me if you want, as long as you forgive me later. 

But I feel like I need to give you all something to look at every day, so here is what I saw when I went out to my car this morning... I managed to make it in to work before it started pouring!

Now, I need the humidity to drop so I can finish staining the dining room table... 



  1. I'll forgive you now :) I know you've been busy..but I LOVE your pics :)

    Love, Mere

  2. that is really cool!!! thanks for showing it!

  3. I found you through Jammer 10 and saw that your having a giveaway soon. Would love to put it up on my blog.

    PS I am a new follower, hope you'll join me too.


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