Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tuesday blues

{toby sleeping with his head back and mouth open}

Today when I woke up it was rainy and gloomy and gross. I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed under the warm covers and sleep just a little longer. But I got myself out of bed, took a shower, grabbed my chunky sweater, and headed out into the rain. I had to walk in the rain to get to my car, because the garage is currently full of dining room table.

Oh, and did I tell you I found ants in my car yesterday morning. ANTS. They were in the kitchen before we moved in, so I sprayed. They moved to the dining room, so I sprayed. The moved to the living room, so I sprayed. We still find random little groups of ants in the kitchen and living room. And we are not dirty people. I don't leave food out in the kitchen... Elliott would eat it if I did. So I get in my car and there are ANTS. I can't escape them! Anyway, the management company finally said they would come out and spray it.

So my day was rolling along, nothing special. And then I had to go home to face Evil Landlord Lady. I can totally imagine a video game where I am wearing a 1-piece spandex suit, in slimming black, with a cape flowing behind me, preferable in turquoise, and Evil Landlord Lady looks like a mean robot. I smash her electronic parts to smithereens and she is dead, and I never have to think about her ever again.

I had a little issue with her when I scheduled the carpet cleaning for yesterday, and then she e-mailed my roomie to tell her not to schedule it because she wanted her painter to go in first. Cool! Great! But why does the lease agreement tell me to call this VERY SPECIFIC company to schedule it. So I had to cancel, and I felt awful. And I told Evil Landlord Lady that we need a copy of the receipt when she mails us our deposits - because I have a feeling she may try to rip us off. After all, her painter dude did break my camera, and she sure did deny it, then hung up the phone on me.

Anyway, I met her at the old place at 5:30. I got there a little early to make sure everything was still in shape. She was actually pretty cordial, did a really quick sweep of the place, and we left. I don't exactly know what she is charging me for, so that should be interesting.

Back to working on the new place!



  1. Christa, I can totally commiserate with you on the ant situation! We have had them for three years too and I have no idea what keeps them coming back!

    If the spraying doesn't work, try those little ant baits that you place in corners here and there. They're pretty cheap--I get 8 new traps per year and the ants stay away!

    As for the landlord situation, I really hope you get your deposit back--landlords can be crappy sometimes!

  2. They've been particularly bad this year. They really are only supposed to be a problem in early spring, but we have them on and off. Get the baits and clean and erase their little scent trails with orange cleaner. My mom used to use borax, but I understand not wanting to use that because of the cats.

    That pic of Toby is so cute! I have video of Felix doing the same thing. He was totally out, and I opened his mouth wide, and he didn't wake up. These weird cats:)

  3. Hahahaha! I love your fantasy video game creation. That is so so funny! Soon, very soon you will be able to forget all about her. (As soon as you get your deposit back:)
    'Lil Toby is sooooo adorable. He's a very cool cat. I'm glad you kept him after all.:) And I'm so glad his big brother has accepted him so very well.
    Keep fightin' those ants. You WILL win!!
    Love you!


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